I’m with Colin...

… over at the:gutted:geek. I too think jonvon's blog is looking extremely good. A really cool design which shows just what one can do with FreeDom blog! I've updated some links I had as jonvon's also re-organised his site.

Later… BTW, jonvon, if you're reading this (I couldn't find a contact link on your site): the makeinlineresponse agent is freaking out at the moment. I was going to tell you about trackback in Domino. The spec is over at the Moveable Type site whilst I believe that David Gurteen has a trackback mechanism set up on his Domino-based blog.

I started to look into coding a Java agent implementation of trackback before getting side-tracked. Maybe Ashok has had some ideas in this vein, after his successful pinging code (which I use here).

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