How do you program your Notes stuff?

Whilst reading Charles Miller's piece, Interview With A Programmer, I was heartened to discover that my "style" of coding isn't that odd:

When I'm presented with a design problem to solve, you won't find me sitting in a chair with a piece of paper. You'll find me wandering aimlessly around the office with a can of coke, or tossing my pen in the air and catching it. You'll see me doodling on a whiteboard. You'll see me wander out the front door with my iPod playing at maximum volume, and walking around the block. When I need to think creatively, I get my best ideas when my feet are moving, not when I'm sitting in front of a computer, or in a meeting being pressured to come up with an answer right now.

This short piece is quite timely, as I've been re-reading How To Be A Programmer, and thinking about how I approach things. When thinking up a solution to a problem in Notes or whatever, I find myself scribbling on scraps of paper (I really should get myself some kind of outliner!), roaming the web, wandering around my study or the floor at work, drinking coffee, and so on. Often, the best ideas come to me when I'm in the shower or having a shave (sad, but true), which means I often have to go and grab the Palm quickly… How about you?

Later… Almost forgot: like Ferdy, I ordered The Pragmatic Programmer yesterday. Looking forward to that one!


  1. For my hubby and I, we're very fortunate that as husband and wife, we can understand geek-speak to each other. So therefore, when we need to think creatively, we'll usually talk it out with each other.I may not understand everything he's talking about, and vice-versa, but it still helps even if we can't help each other.

    It's a lot of fun. I don't know how many restaraunt's we've left with chicken-scratched code all over the back of the paper placemat.

    Jess Stratton#
  2. Aw Jess, that is just plain sad (I mean that in a nice way!). I'm with Ben on the shower thing - many good ideas born there although some seem to get rinsed away with the suds 'cause I can't write them down. The Palm doesn't like the shower so much either - theres an idea, a waterproof Palm with a shaver attachment on one end! :-) Colin Williams#
  3. By jove, you might have something there Colin…

    Ben Poole#

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