ND6 bug?

Well blow me… This afternoon I've been poring over my code trying to figure out why comment posting often fails for people, and then I discover there's a "regression bug" in Notes 6, apparently fixed in 6.0.1. This bug results in HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Field is too large (32K) or View's column & selection formulas are too large, the error which has been happening on this site. This is despite no code updates from me. The view in question only has around 200 records in it in any case, and is fully indexed.

I wonder if this is related to the phenomenon I've noted whereby some blog comments appear to become corrupted, and balloon in size from around 1KB to 30KB for no reason? Cutting and pasting said comments seems to fix the document size issue, but this is all rather worrying. I've been looking at the comment form design too, as that's what blog comments actually get posted to (and given that the error occurs on submit one would assume the form was at fault), but no joy there either.

What it is to be on the bleeding edge eh?

Update: FIXED! I think. Good grief, what a struggle that was. Corrupt views, corrupt documents and screwed up parent / child relationships. Nothing a lot of SHIFT-F9 and mad agent coding couldn't fix… a couple of comments have bitten the dust as a result though, my apologies. ;-)


  1. Just testing it out for you…Julian Robichaux#

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