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Another deadly sin I know. Oh well… this does have a Notes slant! I managed to fix the on-off comments bug that has been plaguing this site for a few weeks now. Here's the rub:

I use the same comments form for 'blog entry comments and article comments, with different logic applied depending on the context of the comment submission / rendering. Well, that was to blame for the errors users were getting. Not the regression bug I mentioned (SPR # JCHN5FH6QS for those interested), just plain ole' dodgy code. It was a tricky one I tell you, and came down to a subform I use to render the comments thread in articles on this site.

Moving on to other Notes / Domino 'blogs, I notice that Colin is currently discussing his weblog UI. Some good points made, and amusingly timed too, as I had made the same decision about the daftness of only showing the current month's 'blog entries upon visiting the site. I now show the twelve most recent entries only, and users can then navigate through specific months as they wish. I'm still playing with this, so expect weirdness. Much better though I think, especially when I didn't get around to posting until the third this month! It's meant a slight restructuring and therefore some URL re-direction, which is a bit of a pain.

As to the calendar widget, I don't regard it as a "gimmick" because I use it — fair point if you don't though.


  1. Wow Ben, I guess you do use the calendar, you have two of them now! :-) jonvon#
  2. Told you — I love 'em!

    Ben Poole#

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