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Russell - My Poor Mom's PC: What a Disaster

I regularly re-image my PC at work, and re-install all the tosh I have on it (you know, the Java SDK, stuff like that ;-) It's an XP machine, so I dread to think just how much unused .NET crap is on there.


  1. Heh… one thing I've learned. never, ever under any circumstances let anyone other than business professionals know that you know how to fix computers.
    Even someone I've just met at a party: "So, I've got this printer and…." Jess Stratton#
  2. Heh, you too huh!? The latest trend is everyone at work is asking my advice on the latest and greatest PC deals that are going - no, I'm not busy - I exist only to serve your personal needs!Colin Williams#
  3. I'm often asked what's a good PC to buy for home use… but I have no idea! I've never owned a Wintel machine, and the only ones I use at work are IBM Thinkpads. Doh.

    That said, I am often called upon to sort out PCs. I mean, let's face it, doesn't take much to screw 'em up eh? (As evidenced by my frequent need to re-image mine…)

    Ben Poole#

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