Some Notes stuff!

1. @Formula Checker

This is quite a nifty little trick: as we all know, in Notes 6 the undocumented @formula debugger is no more. Whilst Ragnar Schierholz's code isn't a debugger as such, I'm sure it could serve as useful a purpose. You can download some code to make a smarticon at the LDD Sandbox (via Lotus Advisor).

Later… Doh! jonvon 'blogged on this too.


I hate navigators. I recently had to use them in a database. They're horrible! Specifically, placing text boxes, rectangles and wot-not. Why is it that Designer has a "snap-to-grid" option, yet doesn't show you the grid to line up on?!? Posts like this one at the LDD just confirm why I don't like 'em. How about you?


  1. Hehe, funny. I actually went and checked to see if you had covered this before posting. then I realized I had it wrong and had to post again about the r5 thing. Color me a member of the "linking and commenting" crowd.jonvon#
  2. Navigators pants?! How dare you! How else do you get to colour in properly? I've recently started Notes development again after a few years off and find myself battling with outlines. I find outlines and framesets in the Notes client shocking. Having as usual to design for end users who wish to have their displays set to 600 x 800, an embedded outline will usually end up taking a third of you visible display away. But more importantly, you can't colour in properly!!gingerbandit#
  3. LOL! Ah, so the bandit returns to the Notes dev fold… Mate, we've missed you. Outlines are more work, aye. And the 16x16 graphics they cater for are pants. But, you don't have to use 'em, you can just do graphics and hotspots in a page… nested within a table perhaps. That gives you more control, and is far more maintainable. Mate, the GTT would have been far easier in R5 ;-)Ben Poole#

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