Today, I 'ave mostly been playin' around with NotesViewEntryCollection. Up until now, I haven't used this class much, but it's pretty handy when you think about it. Why walk a view in Lotusscript grabbing values from each NotesDocument obect when you can simply skim the view index? So anyway, I coded away, and came up with a very "light" name mapping routine for a database I'm working on. I whacked a simple counter in to the code whilst I'm developing it, just so I know the machine's doing something when the old lightning bolt flicks away. All well and good, but I think I need to re-visit my elementary maths…

My pathetic maths

Ahem. jonvon has an interesting post over on his site which covers his approach to coding and wot-not. It strikes a chord with me, as like others in the Domino world I come from a "non-traditional" background. Anyway, go and read his post — food for thought!

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