Open source and all that

Check out Mike and Declan's sites; both are discussing open source projects, 'blog templates, and so forth. All from a 'blog entry about a trackback implementation!

(Yes, someone actually got around to coding TrackBack, unlike yours truly) ;-)


  1. wow, what a discussion! hits a lot of the things i've been thinking about actually. hey ben, that links to mike's site (in this post), it points to your site. i guess it wasn't just me thinking about trackback! (not that i assumed it was of course :-) but i haven't had any time to think about it at all, we've been slammed at work and i've been working off hours and weekends. i'll probably post something on my blog about all this later, when i get a few minutes. that discussion just got too long i think. i had to skim a bunch of it, i think i need to reread a bit here and there. i must say, i have more and more respect for mike golding. jonvon#
  2. Gah, what a bandit — cheers for the heads-up re the link jon. Aye, Mike is definitely the daddy! ;-) Ben Poole#
  3. Hi Ben

    Trying to drum up interest in this new project idea at - any thoughts?

    OpenNTF linkSteve Castledine#

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