Cleaning up

Just been cleaning up my styles and wot-not, and decided to make some minor changes to the site's look. You may have noticed weird effects this afternoon as I did this ; - ) I've got rid of the grey side panels, and changed 'em to white as you can see; it seemed daft to have black-on-white text for the main body of the site, and then blue-or-grey-on-grey for the navigation. If you don't like, let me know. I may even change it (LOL).

Now for the real barn-stormer: the calendar's gone. Gasp! Well, most people don't use 'em apparently, and we in the Domino world have already proven they can be done. So what the hell. It has gone.


  1. Cool, Ben.

    In fact I will remove the damned calendar from my site too :-). As you say we all proved that it can be done (I use Jake's approach with some changes and it works like a charm).

    Your site looks good, so keep it up.



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