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Scotland Software, makers of the brilliantly named Cretin Tracker (found via Justin Knol) have a load of useful Mac OS X stuff on their site. They also have some articles posted, one of which is entitled Introduction To Programming — it’s an excellent bit of writing:

You may also have heard the phrase “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature”. Programmers sometimes say this when someone points out a problem with their programs; they’re saying that it’s not a bug, but rather a deliberate design choice (which is almost always a lie). This is rather like accidentally spilling coffee all over yourself whilst simultaneously falling down some stairs, then getting up and saying “I meant to do that”.

An hilarious article, but one that also provides much food for thought.

As you may have noticed recently, I’m into “programmer navel gazing” at the moment… ;-)


  1. That was a fantastic article! I was especially greatful to see a wonderful explanation of the difference between a 'script' and a 'program'. It's a peeve of mine when people say "what, can't you just write a script for that C++ program?" I also appreciated the mention of the lack of women in the field, that was funny. Not to mention being the only woman in my CS classes made it REALLY EASY for the profs to know when I skipped class. ;-)Jess Stratton#

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