How I got started

Both Libby and Colin are revealing how they got started with Lotus Notes, so I suppose it's my turn!

I'm a late developer (ha! Did you see what I did there?) I turn 31 in September, yet I've only been a full time coder for four and a half years. I joined my current firm back in 1995 as a trainee chartered accountant (urgh), and dropped out of audit after three years to pursue my dream of Notes-related fame and glamour. I'm now trying to be a full-on code beast.

And here I am. I'm convinced people tend to come full circle. I remember being fascinated with my ZX81 at the age of 8, and then getting into coding weird stuff on my Amstrad CPC. I have a long-standing fascination with computer technology that I've 'blogged about before, so I s'pose it's no real suprise I ended working with the buggers. However, it wasn't until I got my first Mac in 1992 that my current love affair with 'puters really started up. And now look what's happened…


  1. I think you're right about the full circle thing - I trained at PolyTech in Cobol & C programming after being a major computer nerd at school. After tech I'd had a guts full of computers and decided to work in sales (not selling computers or anything remotely the same) for seven years only to find that I did want to work with computers afterall - and here I am, full circle!Colin Williams#

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