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Julian's latest 'blog entry, My Tools Are Being Used, Java's Not? talks about an interesting trend in the Lotus Business Partner community whereby the majority of respondents state that they're not using Java within their Domino applications. Weird. The only issues I can think of with regards Java and Domino are that solid "outward" Java use from Domino can be tricky because (a) the JVM is pretty old in R4.6x and R5.x, and (b) using the Domino remote objects is full of pitfalls, not least the whole session / memory leak thing (to the point that people such as Bob Balaban sell products like "Looseleaf Pool Manager for Domino" to work around this).

But still. There are plenty of uses for Java with Domino. I should get to the DominoPower article and see how the questions were phrased.


  1. The Domino implementation of Java is pretty poor and does fall short of the original goals of Java. The 1.1x JVM doesn't help at all, but I think more importantly is the way it has been designed as more of a "addon" layer above the native code. Because it was layered on top of the platform native code you have some ugly things like no automated garbage collection - that's why all the Domino objects have a recycle() method. Another thing I find very clumsy is that every time you want to get an item from a document, it must be wrapped in a try/catch block. Life would be much easier if it just returned a null. Brendon.Brendon Upson#
  2. Re try / catch blocks and items… so true! Drives me up the wall. Of course, Lotusscript has its own requirements in this regards if you want your code to be really robust, and not fall over trying to access a non-existent NotesItem. Urgh!Ben Poole#
  3. I've read some things about how the whole concept of throwing exceptions ended up being rather clumsy in the end, and while they're nice to have, it would be even nicer if they were optional somehow. Otherwise you end up just catching everything in one big generic "catch (Exception e)" block, and discard the error. Heck, I do that all the time (but then again, what do I know…).Julian Robichaux#
  4. Oh yeah, but what I was really going to write was: I was just surprised that in a poll of Business Partners that only about 1/3 of them said that they were using Java "at all"! That was amazing to me. I could understand that in a poll of random Notes developers, but Business Partners? I don't get that. You'd think those guys would be pushing the envelope a little bit more. Plus, the survey included JavaScript as a Java technology, which always makes me laugh. No, JavaScript and Java are different things… Sorry…Julian Robichaux#
  5. Well, we all know tha Brendon is a Java man ( the best one I know) and I want to that him for that info. I always used to say "Why must I use the F**** recycle and the try catch stuff….!!!" well, I learnt something today.
    (BTW and Brend didn't mention. With puakma you can do:


    and voila!

    Dominocode.NetAlex Hernandez#

  6. and I want to that him for that info
    I mean, "and I want to THANK YOU for that info"



    Alex Hernandez#

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