Standards, coding, your audience

Some time ago, I quoted Merlin the druid in reference to the phenomenon of 'blogging. Well, courtesy of the final book in Bernard Cornwell's Arthurian trilology, Excalibur, I have another quote which is a good fit for current talk about developers, standards and so forth:

'Any man can make a noise, Lady,' Pyrlig defended his craft, 'but it takes a skilled craftsman to imbue words with harmony.'

'And soon the only people who can understand the intricacies of the harmony,' Guinevere argued, 'are other skilled craftsmen, and so you become ever more clever in an effort to impress your fellow poets, but you forget that no-one outside the craft has the first notion of what you're doing. Bard chants to bard while the rest of us wonder what all the noise is about. Your task, Pyrlig, is to keep the people's stories alive, and to do that you cannot be rarefied.'

Vaguely related, and interesting, reading:

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