Where will the 'next big thing' come from?

Extremely good post by Charles Miller: Revolutions are not imposed from above. I've lifted my head from furious documentation and article writing to give this 'blog entry some thought. But do I have anything valid to add to Charles' words? Nope. So I'll leave it at that, and hope that 'blogging purists don't crucify me.

There's some chat going on over at Notestips in response to Mike's post, Small steps are all that is required. Nothing controversial there really: Mike was commenting on his recent poll of Domino developers which asked which, of a number of options, were perceived as being most important. "Adhering to standards" came in with just 9.7%.

I think I was one of the people who voted for the option that covered "functionality". But that's not to say I believe functionality and standards are somehow incompatible: witness my rant a couple of days ago! There's definitely a learning curve when it comes to CSS, DHTML, XHTML, and so forth, of course there is. But it gets easier, and it pays dividends. If you can do this stuff in Domino, you're also a hero in my book!

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