Virtual data and DB2

Justin has 'blogged about the DB2 back-end in Notes being "closer than you think" today. He mentions how he was shown "virtual documents" and "virtual agents" as part of an LEI 6 demo. I too have seen this working, and mentioned it in a 'blog comment in relation to some of Jerry Glover's comments at Ed Brill's site. The technology was demonstrated in an early beta form at Lotussphere Berlin, in 2000. It's intriguing work, and certainly makes sense in terms of adapting a "legacy" system like Notes to a new back-end data store. I like the idea of abstracting the data access in that way, and will be interested to see how all this pans out. I think Justin's on the money in his assumption that this is how the DB2 / NSF thing is going to work.


  1. yes, i saw this too at devcon in las vegas in 2000, i think that was the year. having seen a session they did on the upcoming db2 / notes thing at lotussphere in january, i didn't see anything that would contradict the "virtual document" strategy per se.

    i imagine it will be somewhat different under the hood though as this is essentially native notes data structures ported to the relational structure, and they are building in code for security and replication and all that, you know, "notes stuff".

    one idea they brought up that i thought was pretty cool, you could have one db2 database on a server and then front end that data structure with a collection of notes servers. no need for clustering since they would all be talking to one data source. neat stuff, to say the least. jonvon#

  2. Link now works. I'll blame Blogger for not keeping the archive page in sync.
    I have a rough draft of a freedomblog-based version in the works…….Justin Knol#
  3. Cheers Justin; post duly updated!Ben Poole#

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