Jake says

When I bought the iBook last year I said I had no plans to switch from Windows and I still don’t.

Well, he’s mad! The only reason for still using Windoze is Domino Designer. Windoze is sh!t. Always has been, looks like it always will be. Yes, I’ve had another bad week with my machine. Alas, work means I spend far more time using Win (XP Pro this time) than any other OS. But like I say, it’s still crap. I’ve used Windoze since version 1, which was God-awful. 3.1 wasn’t much better. 95? Jeez, no. 98? Heh. ME? Ye Gods! 2000? Getting better. XP? Better still. But then Apple finally released OS X. Better than any version of Windoze. Have I made myself clear?

Later: Keith Nolen says it well in his "A Matter of Trust" post:

And while all those IT experts seem to know what they think of Microsoft’s software, they sure aren’t willing to do anything about it…
  • 89 percent still use MS for sensitive applications
  • 40 percent of the firms were not planning to make security improvements
  • Of those who had suffered security attacks, nearly half (41%) have not made changes to the way they use MS software


  1. So, what do you think about Windows…?Julian Robichaux#
  2. Not keen to be honest ;-) Ben Poole#

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