Someone doesn't get it

Just saw this comment from Ian Smith over at Declan's site:

Not really "your" template though is it dec? - when will you confess to your theft of other peoples work? - you should try and do something of your own for a change - shame on you.

Well, I'm really not sure how an open source template constitutes "theft". The people who have either (a) directly contributed code to the project, or (b) seen their ideas used by Declan (either with explicit permission or because their code is in the public domain anyway) don't think so, as far as I'm aware.

Ho hum. Now me, I've nicked the "badges" over at the Raging Platypus site. But that's allowed too. I've also cunningly modified the XHTML 1.1 and "MT-powered" buttons for my own use…


  1. Hey I like that ND6 one - mind if I "steal" it?? ;-) Colin Williams#
  2. Thieve away mate! ;-)Ben Poole#
  3. I think you have to be careful about comments etc posted on web sites - easily spoofed to create reaction - happens to me (Jake has had some recently too) - but best thing as with the rogue emails you get - rise above and ignore them.Steve Castledine#
  4. The people who are posting crap like this as well as sending the rogue emails are not the people I consider in the "Domino Community". Unlike other online groups, I see developers helping developers… the initiative to open source developing is just the next logical step. As for theft… that's complete bullS#!+ !!! That's like saying that I was the one who "created" using @DBLookups.

    <I couldn't even think of a good example here>

    My articles/tips are simply sharing things that I do… not something that I invented. Hell, as far as I'm concerned, no one's really invented all that much. Sure we use new, flashy techniques, but those very techniques came from other techniques from other techniques. … it reminds me of something my college english professor said, "Shut up and sit down Mr. Toohey", but also that "… there are only 8 original stories in literature…" or something like that. "All other stories are simply spin-offs"!Chris Toohey#

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