Is it really only a year?

Wow. One year ago today, Notestips was born. It seems like Mike's site has been around for ages (I mean that in a good way!): he's always got something interesting to say, and his articles more often than not really push the boundaries for Domino developers everywhere. I still think he's wrong about pop-up comments windows though… [smiley PokeTongue]

Here's to a whole lot more stuff from Notestips!


  1. One of the big problems with pop-up windows for comments is that a lot of people have pop-up stoppers installed on their computers.Declan Lynch#
  2. Yeah, that's true. But I used Phoenix for quite a while on the PC, and although I had it set to block pop-ups, it was intelligent enough to let MT / other sites' comments forms through.

    My only "beef" with them is that they rely on Javascript, which isn't always enabled in browsers. I'd say that's the bigger issue with them.Ben Poole#

  3. Very true, I was recently at a customer site and I couldn't leave comments on a blog because their firewall stripped all javascript from any pages the users looked at.Declan Lynch#
  4. Wow, stripping javascript, that's harsh. Regarding popups, do it the way Moveable Type and others do: put the link in the href and also in the onclick, so javascript able clients get the pop-ups and those without go to a page with the same content. It's the best of both worlds and you don't force one style of interaction on the user.Andrew Tetlaw#
  5. Yes, that's true. I had something like that in an earlier version of this site that I didn't release. Oh well, I've had this design since November now… v3 can only be a matter of time! ;-) Ben Poole#

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