Coding at home...

… can be great. Here I am in the study. Raining and grey outside, warm and bright inside. I have iTunes blasting away, and there have been some cracking tunes on thus far. Let's see now: currently on the playlist is Stevie Wonder's classic album Songs In The Key Of Life. It's amazing. I've also had some Iona playing, whom I love, and Peter Gabriel is up next. Splendid. I do like choons in the background whilst programming.

Of course, one of the other advantages of being at home 1-2 days a week is that I get to see plenty of the boys. To take a small example, my wife and I have just watched the younger bean get a chair from his playroom, and try and pinch some mini Easter eggs off the mantlepiece. His face when we caught him was a picture.

Ah, these small things make coding Java agents in R5 so much less painful.


  1. I work at home fulltime, and it can be good and bad. Bad because I miss the interaction with other developers to talk thorugh problems etc. BUT as I have mentioned numerous times, this is why your site and others are so great. Surrogate "work mates to "talk" through issues\probs with…nick#
  2. Yes, I'd say 2-3 days is probably my limit. I do like the interaction of the office, although "virtual communities" (nasty term!) can be pretty helpful.

    Talking through issues with other coders is so useful. How many times have you come up with a solution just by talking through your problem with someone else? They don't even get to open their mouth, and you're off, yelling "BINGO!" as your thought processes have become organised…

    Or is that just me? :-DBen Poole#

  3. Amen.. I'm actually looking for a new job right now where I can work at home. Developing (even administrating) in my own home is SO great. And I can crank my tunes and light candles. Also, I get up early to have coffee. So when I work at home, if I'm up, I'll start working. And because there's no commute, I'll keep working later. So the bottom line is, I get so much more done. And, I'm more productive because I'm in my own element. I love my home. Okay, let's start. What do you all listen to? In my Winamp right now, I've got all sorts to help get creative juices flowing. Crystal Method, Yes, Dream Theater, ELP, Rush, Jethro Tull, and anything funk are among my faves.Jess Stratton#
  4. Ooh funk! Yeah!

    I used to keep a view in this site which tracked current albums and books, but I don't think it was used much, so I dropped it. Anyway, my music collection is ludicrous: upwards of 400 CDs, plus vinyl, mini discs, blah blah. I have a very weird range of music on my shelves too. In addition to the stuff I listed for today, a brief glance at the shelves reveals:

    Red Hot Chili Peppers, Herbie Hancock, Radiohead, Nik Kershaw, early Level 42, Eurythmics, Holst, Mozart, Police, Groove Armada, Sheryl Crow, Neil Finn, Björk, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, early Elton John, early Rod Stewart, Sly Stone, James Brown, Bootsy Collins, Miles Davis, Weather Report, Nick Beggs, David Gray, Supergrass, Chemical Brothers, Ian O'Brien, Massive Attack, Rush, Living Colour, The Beatles, Trey Gunn, Kate Bush, Fishbone, Mirwais, Justin Timberlake (yes! really! Good album!), Prince, Daft Punk, Air, Tony Levin, Madonna…

    You get the idea… ;-)Ben Poole#

  5. Re Music. Being a Brit working in US, my absolute essential listening is Gilles Peterson on BBC Radio 1, wed 12:00 am GMT. I use Total Recorder to record it for me. Legend.nick#
  6. have you heard the new, unoffical, stolen from the studio before-it-was-ready "hail to the thief" radiohead yet? its completely wonderful. even if it wasn't quite ready. one of those i'll buy once its out, even though i've basically heard it so much i'm already getting burned out on it. :-) jonvon#
  7. oh and by the way, java agents in notes are kicking my a55. wanna come to tampa and give me a hand? ;-) i'm in the office on a saturday trying to debug. gods of programming, help me. jonvon#
  8. I coded in Tampa once before. I had myself a great time. But I wouldn't want to repeat the coding… ;-) Ben Poole#
  9. I am looking for some companies that do coding from home, do any of you have any suggestions? Kera Wilson#

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