Recently noticed in OS X

OS X is constantly surprising me with nifty wee features that bely an enormous attention to detail that I love. For example, this evening I've been downloading OpenOffice and the OS X downloads page at the site lists a load of HTTP and FTP links. Clicking on an FTP link within Safari doesn't open that page in the browser though, it mounts a "virtual drive" on one's desktop. Browsing and downloading from that drive is then done by the OS — all one has to do is double-click the drive icon, find the requisite file, then copy it / treat it like any other OS-level file. Nice.

IE in Windoze does something similar, with the option to browse ftp:// URLs as if they are volumes mounted within Windows Explorer. It works well — albeit agonisingly slowly even on a high-speed network — but needless to say, I prefer the Mac approach. ;-)

Someone else who's been spotting wee things like this is Steven Garrity who is writing as a long time Windoze user trying out OS X. My thanks to Volker for this interesting link.

Continuing the Apple theme, congratulations are due to Brent Simmons, creator of NetNewsWire. He's won the inaugural Mac OS X Innovators Contest. Well deserved. A great piece of software.

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