Great tunes

I was listening to Kate Bush's brilliant album, Hounds of Love this evening, which is a piece of music I love. The tunes are fantastic, the playing is incredible (special nods to the late, great Alan Murphy and the wonderful Eberhard Weber), and the whole "theme" of the album delights me. If you're not familiar with Kate's stuff, it's well worth checking out. I've been a fan since I was six!

Just remember: whenever things hot up in the Domino world, step away from the computer. Relax, cook some food, and listen to some good music… ;-)


  1. Hi Ben,

    that is strange. Believe me but in my CD-Player is actually Kate Bush with The kick inside. I have a lot of CDs from Kate Bush but I always stop at this one.

    Currently listening to The Man With The Child In His Eyes and surfing my favourites.

    Have a nice week.

    HeiniHeini Schwammerl#

  2. Great album. The Man With The Child In His Eyes gets me every time… and she was only 16 or thereabouts when she wrote it!

    Never For Ever is another favourite KB recording.Ben Poole#

  3. Heating up in the Domino world… come on Ben… that's nothing… ;-)

    It's all healthy… people expressing how they feel. Hope you had a great weekend. Time to kick back a bit.

    BruceBruce Elgort#

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