I've started working on v3 of this site. I have a pile of things I want to implement and / or improve, and seeing as it's been nearly six months since v2 went live, I reckon we're due a change.

Rather than tweaking the current design, I'm working on a whole new template, which makes for better design decisions I find. The last thing I want is to get bogged down in the "old way of doing things." Taking an existing design as a prototype, and building from scratch means that every design decision is re-evaluated, and the developer is forced to look again at what it is (s)he is trying to achieve.

Gah, I never go for the quick route eh. :-D

The challenge of course is to maintain links and so forth. This isn't too bad with Domino when you consider things like multiple design elements aliases combined with server-side re-directs. Also, I'm working on a new comments system that doesn't rely on Javascript or pop-ups (Mike will be pleased). I'm going for a slightly different approach to the norm, which in turn means my views have to be a little more "intelligent", and that's where things have gotten somewhat tricky. I want to test the query string for certain things, and computed @formula within a view column is not really the place to do this.

Hmmm… It's all good fun! Once I have that cracked, the re-design should proceed pretty quickly. Watch this space!


  1. cool - allways liked the design of your site (daily read ;o) - looking forward to your new design greetings ursusursus#
  2. Ohhh goody *rubs hands* !!! Looking forward to this one Ben - hurry along then!Colin Williams#
  3. Oh dear, there goes the double submissions thing again. P'haps you should build a "Colin" filter into the next template. Colin Williams#
  4. Too right mate — the "Colin Filter" is the first item on my list ;-)Ben Poole#

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