On preventing spam

Periodically, we hear about a supposed software breakthrough which will end the daily deluge of unsolicited commercial email many of us receive. Occasionally, some of the innovations actually do a pretty good job…
Still, they're not perfect…

The definitive solution, by the Irate Scotsman. Now that's what I like to see: clear thinking, a simple idea, and what is more, something that will get results!


  1. Now that's some good sound thinking! Who needs anti-spam programs on their computer when I've got an anti-spam tire iron in the trunk of my car…Julian Robichaux#
  2. I usually watch soccer (Fox Sports World brings worldwide football - soccer - to the US). But I do watch the SuperBowl, and there was a great commercial this year with the 'Trunk Monkey' — a chimp with a tire iron kept in the trunk. Need an enforcer — release the Trunk Monkey! You can't argue with good sound logic :-)Joe Litton#

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