More re-design

This re-design malarkey is fun. I've come up with a new comments display system that needs no Javascript, so that's cool. My cunning design also means that whilst I'm using an embedded view, you won't get any of the Domino "No docs found" strings, and this isn't prevented by some innerHTML tricks either (as is currently the case). Just some Domino jiggery-pokery.

In terms of overall "look," I've finally gone down a route I didn't think I would: serif fonts. I'm playing with Georgia at the moment — that looks best on the PC in IE and Mozilla so far. I may go and take a look at the Mac soon, and see what font-y goodness I can use there. Sites look sooooo nice in Safari!

I'm checking the design out properly as I go — far more than I did with v2 — and really thinking about my styles, so hopefully the end result won't mean a hodge-podge of classes and hacks as in the current stylesheet. I've split the way styles work: one sheet covers layout, the other font styles etc. I decided on a two-column layout this time around, but once again, it's courtesy of

Anyway, it's all coming soon!


  1. Hey Ben, sounds cool - how about a teaser screen shot of it so far? ;-)Colin Williams#
  2. W-H-A-T? And steal my own pathetic thunder? ;-)Ben Poole#
  3. i found an odd problem with Georgia, which is what i'm using. on some old windows pcs (like my wife's old laptop) Georgia is not installed. she is running win98 i think. so, i went out to microsoft to download this "free core web font" and it wasn't there anymore! they've taken them down… now (apparently) you have to install a new version of the OS, like XP or whatever, to get it on your machine. she is running ie 6, and it didn't come in the ie6 upgrade routine either.

    anyway, heads up. not that big a deal i guess, but nice to know about ahead of time. :-)jonvon#
  4. Thanks; I can't believe M$ would do a thing like that! ;-) Obviously I'll use more generic families too, so the site won't freak out too much for those without. Georgia is on the Mac too. l quite like "Didot" as well.Ben Poole#
  5. Yeh I got her CDSteve Castledine#
  6. Getting a font isn't very difficult — just drag a copy into something other than your Fonts folder, whereupon it becomes just another file, transferable by floppy, CD, flash key, e-mail, or what have you.

    "Installing" a font is really more a matter of making the registry aware of it than anything else. I'll admit that the Fonts folder behaviour is, um, annoying. The only thing you have to worry about is the license — not a problem with MS fonts, but don't use unlicensed Linotype fonts in a major publication if you don't like seeing lawyers at your door.Stan Rogers#

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