Volker on bad web design

Volker has an interesting post over at his site which discusses the tendency of many Domino 'bloggers to fall prey to a number of web design gotchas. I heartily agree with his analysis (uh-oh, more weblog consensus), and also hold my hand up as someone who should take his share of the blame with regards Volker's second point: too many lines / thinking in blocks. I mean, just look at this site! Boxes all over the place!

Well Volker, most of 'em have gone in the new design! ;-)


  1. C'mon, Ben. One teaser screenshot puleeze.Volker Weber#
  2. I tried leaving a comment over on Gutted Geek's site, but it didn't take (404 error). Anyway, I'll say it again here. I prefer the borders as it visually hits my brain as a unit of information I can choose to ignore or process…Thomas Duff#
  3. Bah, OK Volker, I'll see what I can do tonight.

    I expect you all to be underwhelmed given the inadvertent hype ;-)Ben Poole#

  4. ben,

    and here i thought you were going to go and start a box factory? no more boxes? GAH!!!jonvon#

  5. Maybe just one. LOL !Ben Poole#
  6. That's my blog site Volker picked on ;-)

    BruceBruce Elgort#

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