Matters are proceeding a-pace

I'm hoping I can unveil soon! Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that the various smilies on this site have subtly changed. They are a taste of what is to come. I have a little bit of data cleansing to do when I migrate to the new design, and all the routines have been written for that. The UI is shaping up nicely I think, so maybe I should whack in a quick screenshot to appease Colin and Volker:

Heh. Lots of stuff under the hood. More usable and flexible design. Loads of stylesheet and pass-thru HTML cruft removed, thank God. I also have a more flexible admin. module, and can keep a beadier eye on Wolfgang's antics.


  1. wow - REALLY nice redesign - I personally like it a lot better than your current design - cannot wait till you go live so that I can really check it out ;o) good work mfg ursusursus#
  2. Looking good, Ben !Volker Weber#
  3. Thanks; I'm quite pleased with how it's working out: not so much from the design viewpoint (I'm no UI guru!) but some of the other stuff is a lot cleaner. It's fun!Ben Poole#
  4. Thanks Ben! Gee, when you said you were getting rid of the box look, you weren't kidding! It looks very nice - can't wait to actually "use it"!Colin Williams#
  5. Ben, if you can't see the design, it's good. As simple as that. Volker Weber#
  6. I've just checked out the screenshot in IE6. Hmmm… doesn't look as good as in Moz or Safari.

    IE6 is pants at PNG isnt' it? Whilst doing the new site, I came across several documented "issues" that IE has with PNG files, and had to change the graphics to accommodate them. Tsk.

    Anyway, I've developed the new site using Mozilla 1.3 on my Windoze machine, but will perform additional testing in IE6/Win together with the Mac browsers (well, Safari. And maybe IE 5.2.2 if I can bear to load it up!)Ben Poole#

  7. Yup. IE is a pig when it comes to rendering: LinkVolker Weber#

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