What else?

So, what else has been going on with the new site design? Well, yesterday, I finally got off my arse and decided to do something about offering a standard 'blogging feature as part of the new site design. Tonight, I actually coded a load of it. Can you guess what it is? Here's a log.nsf extract from tonight's testing:

09/05/2003 22:30:19 HTTP JVM: URL found: creating trackback…
09/05/2003 22:30:19 HTTP JVM: DEBUG Post extract: "…some more text.
Hey? Have we reached 300 chars yet?"
09/05/2003 22:32:56 HTTP JVM: URL not found (
creating error…

I don't know if I'll be able to offer this in the first cut of the site design — that is, if I want to get the new look out of the door fairly soon — but anyway, it could well be coming this way, and naturally I'll release the code (me and my newbie-style Java: oh the shame).


  1. Tricksey, very tricksey!Colin Williams#
  2. clever them hobbits-sizz ;-) jonvon#

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