Pipped to the post

Gah! Looks like Dec and co. have pipped me to the post in being the next Domino bod to release some form of TrackBack functionality. I fancy someone has contributed some code to the Blogsphere template already. Oh well.


  1. Don't be too worried Ben….

    I've only been working on the UI for the trackbacks and a method for manually adding a trackback to the post. The next stage is adding the trackback verifing. I doubt that auto trackback and trackback pinging via a REST command will make it into the first full release. So it's really only partial trackback [smiley frown]

    Oh, and no code contributions for TrackBack as of yet… Declan Lynch#

  2. 's OK, that's all mine does. Auto-pinging is tricky. I'm guessing we need some kind of "listener" servlet to handle that. I have the embedded XML working, and the manual TrackBack form and process, just no auto-ping as of yet.Ben Poole#
  3. pipped me to the post?

    let me guess… "beat me to it" ? ? is ben my uncle?

    :-) jonvon#

  4. Spot on that man!

    Uncle BenBen Poole#

  5. oh! is that the trick to that phrase? if i figure something out, am i my own uncle?


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