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Some time ago I 'blogged about Base64 encoders / decoders in Java. Well, it would appear that yet again, the Jakarta Common project has come up trumps. They've done the first official release of the Commons Codec, which includes Base64 encoder support. You can see more information at the Commons Codec page. Excellent stuff. (Via Erik's Weblog)

Staying with Java for a mo-jo, as I mentioned the other day, I'm working on a Domino-based implementation of the TrackBack system. Creating a "manual" TrackBack form and the accompanying process is pretty straightforward. The form inherits certain data from the "parent" weblog post, and then we have the user fill out the rest. Submitting the document means some Java runs over it, chugging off to the specified website, and checking for the relevant link. Easy. The far harder part is enabling "auto" TrackBack, i.e. allowing users to discover the relevant XML within a post and then having their weblog system "ping" your site. I'm assuming some kind of "listener" servlet is required for this, but I could be way off. So:

Putting together the XML is easy. Putting together the manual TrackBack user interface is easy. Checking a link is easy. There's just one more part of the puzzle to fit… All suggestions welcome!


  1. i *still* haven't had time to investigate this. seeing that you have two boys and i only have one girl, i have no excuse! hehe

    but anyway, this is the part that when i first sized this up, seemed like the tough part to do as well. i was thinking that hooking into moveable type would mean we'd have to deconstruct their cgi bin perl thing, or whatever they've got running there. writing our own (in java or whatever) doesn't seem all that hard (i haven't tried it yet of course), basically we'd just need as you suggest some sort of daemon listening. basically just generate the same data back to them as they are looking for. the thing i never worked out though, wouldn't MT be looking for a cgi bin script in a particular directory? or can you point them somehow via xml to another task/listener?

    just shooting shinola here as i'm not likely to get on the stick any time soon. [smiley frown] jonvon#

  2. Couldn't you just use a form as your "listener" and use a WQS agent to generate the response XML? The "ping" is just an HTTP post with four field values. Am I missing something?Niel Revelle#

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