One year ago today

This weblog is a year old.

Ben Lampard wins a prize (well, maybe a pint if we ever meet up ;-)) for noticing that today marks a "kinda" first anniversary for the current incarnation of! Yes, the first 'blog entry was made on 13th May 2002. It was hardly an interesting post though. Very boring. Reading subsequent ones, I'm reminded that I was just starting to play with Java back then. As for the 13th May, this site didn't actually go live until a little while later, so maybe it will have two birthdays like the Queen. Chortle.


  1. happy birthday,! :-) jonvon#
  2. Well happy birthday to ya. And many more to come.Julian Robichaux#
  3. Well, hopefully ;-)

    Thanks for the messages!Ben Poole#

  4. Happy belated birthday,! - how on earth did I miss this blog entry??Colin Williams#

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