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Oh, this is spot on. Jarno Virtanen on weblogs:

if you procrastinate, as many do, you can just continue to check for new posts forever and ever…

Via Ned Batchelder.

I'm saying nothing. Ahem. Well, OK. I think we've all fallen into the trap of endless 'blog reading — especially given the number of great Domino 'blogs that have appeared in the last few months. I can spend an absolute age reading all the new posts, and enjoying them tremendously.

There's been some discussion in the Domino blogsphere about RSS clients like NewzCrawler which seem to compound the problem as far as I can tell: they pop up a wee window every time a new post appears in one of your subscribed feeds! Egads! As if endless "dings" from one's mail client aren't enough…

Seriously, I find that this kind of thing can really hurt programming. I really need to clear my mind, my desk, my immediate environs, and just get down to it when I have some tricky / new stuff to do. The 'phone breaks this concentration, desk-side visitors break this concentration. So really, an RSS client that tells me whenever someone posts to one or more of the thirty six weblogs I'm currently following is just going too far. Thank God I only limit my RSS use to NetNewsWire at home!

Back to weblog content: oft-times I'll get something out of my reading, something "longer-lasting" and "of use" — but much of the time I just get a kick of out of other people, what they're thinking about, and what they have to say. That's it. And if that's all this 'blogging fad gives us, that's fine by me.

Note to self: no more navel-gazing about 'blogging.

PS: a warm Domino 'bloggers welcome to Rocky Oliver! Looking forward to this one — aargh! Another must-read!


  1. Hey Ben, thanks for the kind welcome. I have to agree with you - I am relatively new to this whole blogging thing - reading and writing - and already I can see that it will expand to consume whatever time I allow it. Another beast to tame…

    On a side note, my site is not I tried to get years ago, but someone else had it. I bought about 2 years ago, but it sat on the "digital shelf", and I didn't know what I would do with it. Then I decided to join the crowd and blog, and I thought would be a great blog domain. So there you have it.

    Incidentally I am going to do a story about error trapping in LotusScript tomorrow (gotta do something to earn my keep), so hopefully you (or others) will find it "of use".

    Thanks again, talk to you soon!


  2. Thanks for dropping by Rocky: URL already changed — I was probably replicating it up as you clicked 'Submit'! I have daft blond moments when I 'blog I'm afraid…Ben Poole#
  3. In regards to breaking up 'Flow' while your programming, I simply turn off the News Ballon on NewzCrawler, set Notes to only check mail 3 times a day, and send all my calls straight to voicemail. And I have sent precendent for all my co-workers/customers that I check email/voicemail three times a day. JoelOnSoftware has a great article on 'Flow' which references the classic PeopleWare, a must read. Don't let em disturb you Ben when your banging out that killer code.Jason#
  4. I remember those days when I left my voicemail on and checked it every now and again. Alas, long gone. With seniority comes low pay, more meetings and ever-decreasing motivation.Ben Poole#
  5. Actually, reading back my last comment, I sounded like a right old misery-guts. Sorry about that. Things are just somewhat glum at the mo-jo [smiley frown] Ben Poole#
  6. You ARE an old misery guts. Wait 'till I get home young man. Dr Spikey prescribes long, Guinness-filled lunches to ease the pain - to be taken orally, 3-times per week.Spikey#
  7. :-) Ben Poole#

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