I was browsing the Notes 6 LDD forum (I tend not to read the Gold one much any more), and I found this post about contributions over the years. Some interesting stats. Yours truly comes in at #19 and #80 (I have a web ID, and also post from the Notes client). Hmmm… signs of a mis-spent youth? Well, p'raps not youth: I'm 31 this year!

So, This site: I am aware of the need to crank out some more articles — so far I've only gotten around to updating the About… document). Recently, I've spent so much time just coding and writing for places other than, that I've let this slip. Tsk. I may do some "site revealed" stuff based on the new design if that's of interest: anything you want to know more about? Post a comment!

So what's been happening then? Well, this weekend I hooked up with my good chum Chris. He's a Kiwi based in Sydney, and it was fantastic to see him. Name sound familiar? Well, he's written stuff for this site!

Finally, and on a totally unrelated point, seeing as Bruce has been talking music over at his site, I played my Chapman Stick for the first time in months yesterday! What larks. I was great.

Update: ah, I see Ben Langhinrichs has posted about the LDD stuff too!


  1. Your link to the original post is broken. I am assuming you wanted this link: Langhinrichs#
  2. Heh heh, you caught me in draft mode Ben… I was updating as you posted I think. Also spelled your name right this time ;-) Ben Poole#
  3. Hmmm… the links don't seem to work anymore. Is anyone else having trouble?

    JessJess Stratton#
  4. Which link? I 've just tested all the ones in the post… worked OK for me?Ben Poole#
  5. The links in the post on don't work for me either.Jack Ratcliff#
  6. The LDD posts: they all work, I promise. I've just clicked all of them again.

    They're either JPG or TXT file links, so I guess some browsers may barf on them?Ben Poole#
  7. The entire pylonware site does not work for me, I bet DNS has yet to catch up with you, Ben. :-)
    Jess Stratton#
  8. man, i really like this new look. it freakin rocks.

    did i mention i like the new look?

    also, we are playing around with some of your windows registry launching code today. you are the man ben! :-)jonvon#
  9. hehehe I guess DNS had to catch up with ME. Finally got there!
    Geez. I definately spent a LOT of time over the years on the forums.

    #11 on the combined list.. and apparently the year 2000 was a big year for me. ;-)
    Jess Stratton#
  10. On a side note, it was great to see so many of the familiar names again. Made me *sigh* in nostalgia.. lots of fun topics, posts, and great discussions over the years.Jess Stratton#
  11. this code works a treat

    we especially enjoy the error handling

    ' // If key is not opened, show the message and exit sub
    If varResult1 <>ERROR_SUCCESS Then
    Messagebox "Couldn't fined this key. Halting…", 0, "Error"

    funny, at times we are also not able to actually extract monies from the registry keys either.

    ok, i'll totally shut up now and go do something useful. ;-)jonvon#
  12. LOL! What can I say… it must be a M$ thing. I don't know. The things they'll do to extract money from Windoze users… :-)Ben Poole#

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