Land of the free?

Jeez. It just gets worse and worse over there. Hmm. Well, if the powers-that-be Stateside really want to think that Osama and co. are keen on the latest cryptographic developments, that's their call. Personally, I'm not convinced.


  1. No, this is not an indication that things are getting worse. Actually these regulations have been much worse until they got relaxed somewhat during the Clinton administration.

    That does not mean the land of the free is what the name implies. You are free to say anything that supports the administration or that Fox News tells you. On prime time TV you can see how people get killed but not how you make new ones. And that's about it. :-)Volker Weber#
  2. here is one example of how it works in the land of the free.

    they are changing the rules there in denver from what i understand. up until very recently if you went to a protest rally of any kind, you ended up in a file at police headquarters. now (apparently) they have to have a good reason to show up and surveil.

    here is another,1282,59092,00.html

    there are cameras on the street corners here in tampa in ybor city that are supposed to find criminals through a face recognition system. i don't think its actually caught anyone yet.

    on the one hand, i can understand the motivations of people who want to catch terrorists. no one wants another skyscraper to come down, or for anyone else to come down with anthrax. i think a balance needs to be struck somehow, but where that line is, i have no idea. i think i ought to be able to attend a peace rally without someone taking down my license plate though.

    i used to shudder in horror when i thought about living in a communist country and having the secret police listening to (potentially) anything i said. back in the reagan 80's i think most people saw this as something only those evil communists would stoop to.

    interesting, scary times. there are people speaking out against all this. we can dissent. but you are sort of taking your life into your hands, it feels like, if you do.

    i wish everyone could just be nice. color me idealistic, i don't care. at the end of every life, i think we'll finally see how important it was to just be kind to everyone. jonvon#

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