CVS 'n' tings

Recently discovered: Andy Hunt's weblog. Andy is one of the two authors of The Pragmatic Programmer (written with Dave Thomas). His weblog makes for good geek reading, and the following links were of particular interest:

The last item reminds me: the other day, I started to look into CVS on my Mac, with a view to running the Mac as a CVS server. I went to the logical place to find more information,, and got nowhere. It's all about old CVS clients for Macs pre-OS X. Tchcoh. So I went to the horse's mouth and discovered something I should have already realised: CVS comes with the standard OS X developer tools. Duh. For those of you also interested in getting CVS up and running on their Mac, I present a link to the Apple Developer Connection article, Version Control with CVS on Mac OS X. Splendid. sudo here I come…

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