There's not been any mention yet — at least from what I've read so far — of the JavaOne Conference in the "Domino Blogsphere." I guess that's 'cos none of us are there ;-). Anyway, there have been some cool developments, and some of them — like the new Java-focussed consumer and developer sites from Sun — are not before time. If you want to get a really good round-up of the JavaOne conference, and reactions to it, you should head on over to Erik Thauvin's weblog. As always, he rounds up all the good stuff so you don't have to!

There is an official JavaOne weblog site and, best of all, James Gosling has started 'blogging! The other initiative that intrigues me is the new Javapedia:

The goal of the Javapedia Project on is to create a complete and accurate online encyclopedia of all things Java. Anyone with a question about Java technology should be able to find the answer there. Javapedia entries will cover all aspects of the Java language, class libraries, history, philosophy, you name it---if it relates to Java, it belongs in the Javapedia.

It's all good stuff. Check it out.

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