Hurrah for Ed!

In this age of toeing the corporate line and presenting consistently bland public personae, it's refreshing to see people like Ed Brill stand up and fight for the product they believe in. Ed really gets out there and cuts through the crap. Way to go!

Additional reading:
Ed's official Lotus weblog.

Moving on, but still within the realms of IBM, Ed also mentions Sam Ruby in the Lotus 'blog, specifically, linking to a recent interview with the man on the developerWorks site. I'm no Sam Ruby — I'm not even remotely close — but I really identified with this bit:

developerWorks: How did you end up working on Web services?

Sam Ruby: I'd pretty much been a developer my entire career. I write code. I liked writing code. And as I progressed at IBM, what they say as you get promoted is, "You can't write code anymore." Well, I refused to do that. I tried being in an architecture role for a while. These are natural places for you to move up to, but what I've refused to do is move in any direction that got me to move from actually writing code.

I love the challenge of learning new stuff and finding solutions to problems, but I find that sadly, there isn't much in the way of a career path for people who enjoy this kind of work. Dove-tail this with the IT situation as it's been for some time now, and it's all very depressing.


  1. Ben, thanks for that. Like I said, it doesn't make me feel good to argue with a partner, especially in public. But the reality is, it's like being a family - and sometimes in a family, you have disagreements. So thanks for the endorsement. I just hope others take my advice and use the opportunity to be a part of the solution.Ed Brill#

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