Word for the day: Portalizing

Draft IBM Redbook: Portalizing Domino Applications for WebSphere Portal

We begin by describing why the Portal integration is a crucial step for any company who has a Domino environment as well as why it is extremely important to integrate Domino applications to the WebSphere Portal. In the introductory chapter, we also describe some of the key concepts of a portal and Domino application integration. We also outline some recognized design patterns for Domino application integration.

What, "crucial" in terms of IBM's revenue stream you mean?

But seriously, if you're embarking on this kind of thing, this Redbook could be useful; final edition will be published in August.


  1. I try not to get angry when I read stuff like this from IBM. Am I to believe that if I don't take this "crucial" step, my apps won't work correctly or at the very least achieve their full potential? No doubt it is "extremely important" to IBM that I convince all my clients to "portalize" all their Domino apps, given the price of WAS.Curt Carlson#

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