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Years ago, we used to get Lotus Notes & Domino Advisor magazine at work. After a while, we decided to let the subscription lapse: we just weren't getting enough out of it, and frankly, some of the articles and tips were a bit "noddy" (getting into territory). Indeed, I have been a little rude about the magazine in the past… I know! Me? Opinionated? Shurely not (sic)…

However, prompted by the fact that Rocky Oliver, Thomas "Duffbert" Duff and Joe Litton are all writing for Lotus Advisor and possibly her sister publications (e.g. Websphere Advisor), joining greats like Bob Balaban, I figured it was nigh time I took another look.

And it was good. And the Ben did like what he saw. ;-)


  1. But I'm sure once you get ahold of what Joe and I are doing, you'll be reconfirmed in your original opinions… LOL!Thomas Duff#
  2. I find one of the most infuriating thing about Notes / Domino *is* the lack of 'noddy' information and tutorials.

    For open source stuff there are hundreds of idiot proof step by step guides to getting things done. Theres a gentle learning curve.

    For commercial stuff (Lotus Domino, MS Exchange etc) the information to get started is few and far between.

    There do seem to be a couple of dead-tree based magazines and subscription websites but its the 21st century - stuff should be on the web.

    I think sites like yours and initiatives like are a great step in the right direction - some more simple stuff would be appreciated - eg create a simple portal (the IBM Redbook on this is a little out of date and badly written), create a survey and collate responses ( article is also out of date and it doesn't appear to work).

  3. "And it was good. And the Ben did like what he saw"

    Should we start calling you "Ben Almighty" ??

    SMStephen Mitchell#
  4. Nah, my grammar's not good enough :-D Ben Poole#
  5. Ben,
    Glad you gave Lotus ADVISOR another look. I have been working with them for quite some time, and now I am a technical editor and also on their editorial advisory board. I know I and the other editors have made a conscious effort to raise the level of the magazine - the technical content, the type of writing, etc. We wanted to make the magazine more useful, and also to change it soe that it reflects that Domino and Lotus technologies are a "mature" market. But that doesn't mean that we'll shy away from the beginner stuff; on the contrary the LotusScript article series by Scott Good and the upcoming Java series by Duffbert and Joe Litton show that we recognize that there we are gaining new Domino developers every day, and they need help learning how to get the most out of the product as well.

    Thanks again for the nice plug; I hope you continue to discover that Lotus ADVISOR is worth a read.


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