The BBC. And a picture!

Good stuff. The BBC has won a load of online journalism awards. Well-deserved; I think the BBC websites are absolutely amazing. Chock-full of well-presented deep content. Splendid stuff.

On a completely unrelated point, here's that photo I mentioned the other day. The boys are pretty photogenic. Their father, alas, is not.

The Band play in my study

Click on the thumbnail for a larger version in a new window (around 115 KB). That's a Stick I have slung across me by the way!


  1. Whoa! I'd not bothered to actually check out the Chapman Stick before. I'd read your mentions and others and simply glossed over them. This morning I followed the links and surfed all over the web listening to performances, reading about the Stick's evolution, searching for CDs! What a dope I am! I used to make my living teaching fretted instruments (guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, etc.) and playing solo and with bands in the nightclubs. I had *never* actually been aware of the Chapman Stick. Now I have slobber down my chin, drooling over the possibilities. Well better late than never. Hey Ben, thanks for posting the pic, and that IS truly a wonderful shot of the family band!Joe Litton#
  2. Heh heh. I hankered after a Stick as soon as I first saw one, when I was around 15.

    It cost too much for me then, and anyway, I had taken up the bass. So I kept an eye on the Stick, getting recordings etc., but didn't actually buy one until I was 23 – just before I got married in fact. Kind of bad timing really ;-)

    So since then I've been focussing on my family and job – upshot being I'm still a real newbie to the Stick as a player. It's quite hard to play well, but oh, it sounds so cool

    Glad you like the band BTW:-D Ben Poole#
  3. ben, you look like a cross between my brother and my dad!

    thanks for sharing, that is cool. jonvon#
  4. Great photo Ben! Brought a big smile to my face on this wet and stormy morning!Colin Williams#
  5. you know ben, you look like the guy in the band (usually played by yours truly) who is desperately trying to figure out what everyone else is doing, while the rest of the guys are jamming and having fun! jonvon#
  6. That's the Chapman Stick for you ;-) Actually, that plastic orange guitar plays in a key that still eludes me…Ben Poole#
  7. lol!! i bet that is a tough act to follow! you guys sure look like you are having fun.

    roan has an even smaller plastic guitar (about the size of my hand), of course all the strings are the same gauge but somehow still tuned to different notes. she likes to climb inside my guitar case and play her little guitar.

    good stuff… :-)jonvon#
  8. Classic mate!

    Good to see your starting them young. Its also nice to see that you're stomach is finally showing the strains of a diet of Guinness and Boots own sausage, bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast;)

    Only 25 days before I'm back in Blighty for a real pint of Guinness. This Aussie stuff's so bad it's pushed me to brew my own. Nearly 2 and a half years without a drop of decent ale, Jesus wept!ginger binger#
  9. I've only just started devling into the bbc website and I agree - It's chock full of information, you'll find me most days hanging around in the gardening section :-)ToadRunner#
  10. No Dave, it must be the angle of the camera. Yes, that's it. Ermm… the camera adds pounds doesn't it? Errmmm…

    Ah Boots sausage and egg sarnies: haven't had one of them since you bloody emigrated mate! As for Guinness, well I've might have had a couple… ;-) Ben Poole#

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