Sorry about that!

Whoops, bit of an hiatus there. My apologies. Well, the discussion was going well, so I figured I'd leave the site be, and enjoy the sunshine we've been having here! I also had my group away day this week, and have just recovered from that. Oof.

Anyway, like others, I am about to start ploughing my way through Head First Java from O'Reilly (thanks again Duffbert!). First impressions are very good: this is going to be fun. What's more, one of the authors is Kathy Sierra who strikes me as a brilliant teacher. Apart from anything else, she founded which is an awesome site for picking up Java tips, no matter what level you're at.

Finally got some new articles up my sleeve, and more ideas for other stuff now that I've had a wee break. Watch this space…


  1. Head First Java is the coolest, easy-to-read technical Java book. I'll shoot myself if I see another boring technical book. Being a UI guy, I like things that will keep me from falling asleep, and that's why I haven't purchased a tech book in years.Joseph Pollone#

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