Buzz Andersen, creator of PodWorks is bound for Apple. He's another interesting 'blogger and coder who's grabbed himself a job at Infinite Loop. Another such chap is Eric Albert. I'm quite getting into "Apple weblogs" as some very cool and talented people are writing them. Here are some others:

Know of any other good 'uns?

Update: I mustn't miss out Volker and Justin: I'd say you guys count! ;-)


  1. Ben, "Mac weblogs" not "Apple weblogs"!Robb Beal#
  2. Hah. Now, much to Robb's disgust ;-) how could I omit John Gruber from my list: Poole#
  3. Ben, all your Mac talk had me head over to and see what they had on offer (kind of a 'hrmm' thing. All the talk on your referred blogs about BBEdit had me all nostalgic). The Powermac G4 is about ZAR 14,000 (that's about 900 sterling). Ooof, that's two fairly beastly Athlons … ah well, I had a brief flight of fancy….

    Beautiful machines though… the G5 looks like a stonker!Colin Pretorius#
  4. God yeah, not cheap. Especially outside of the US. But oh, the build quality, the look, the range and quality of software.

    It's great stuff, and OS X was the shot in the arm the Mac world really needed. All the developers out there are really doing the business.

    I've been an Apple user for over ten years, but never with a whizz-bang machine. My current iMac is 5 years old, and has a 233 MHz G3 processor. That is SLOW, but it runs OS X just fine.

    Before that I had an 8MHz 68000-equipped Mac Classic. With a stonking 4MB of RAM and a 40 - yes, 40 MB hard drive. Woof!Ben Poole#
  5. Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the links - I 'll check em out.

    Don't forget:

    Our second machine at home is a 7100/80 AV that is hardly ever turned on any more. The kids occasionally play a game on it when the G4 is occupied.

    On top of the 7100 is a beautiful Apple 17" (Sony Trinitron) of the same vintage - circa May 1995. I could probably live without seeing the 7100 again, but the monitor cost me THOUSANDS and is still nice to use.

    In 1985, the place where I worked had a Lisa (the 3.5" drive model) with an external 5Mb Profile. It was huge!

    I also have a full set of 5.25" Lisa 1.0 software at home somewhere. Not much use, I know, but I'm keeping it.

    I feel better now….Justin Knol#
  6. That was the biggest thing I noticed when I moved over to Windoze in '97 - the so-so quality of your average PC software/shareware compared to the Mac world. It seemed like Mac developers just took more *pride* in their stuff. More consistent, more polished, better documented.

    Is Escape Velocity still around in Mac circles? Man, I still hanker after that game… Colin Pretorius#
  7. I forgot to add Michael Braly - he is another Notes & Mac dude.
    Justin Knol#
  8. I'd like to recommend a colleagues' Pano blog although its not platform specific and tests on both to achieve his objectives dooley#
  9. I'd be sure to include bbum's rants, code, & references:

    Bill is working for Apple now, too:

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