Naked objects

Talk about "pure" object-oriented programming. Check this out: The premise of this Java framework is that there are no dialog boxes, no big ole’ UI abstractions. There's just a simple GUI reflecting (sorry, bad pun) the realities of the underlying object model it seeks to present. When people use the system, they’re invoking actual methods on actual objects (for example, a “deposit” method on a bank “Account” object). There’s no middle-man in the form of whizzy menus or scripted processes, and no three-month development cycles coming up with a satisfactory user interface. Quite a refreshing approach, if perhaps limited to certain types of application. Worth a look!

Via Rogers Cadenhead.


  1. You know… the possibilities for "presenting" on this subject are endless… :-)Thomas Duff#
  2. LOL! What a grim GUI that would be…Ben Poole#
  3. What's wrong with dialogs? I *like* dialogs. The more of 'em I can throw at users every time they click a button or exit a field, the better. Makes 'em realise that the app is actually *doing* something, that they're getting value for money. And knowing that you can hold up the entire program until the user clicks the 'OK' button, well, that's *power* dammit. AND it lets you say your app is truly *interactive*

    ;-)Colin Pretorius#
  4. Colin -

    And if the dialogs are naked on top of that…well, the users might actually enjoy the experience. Heck, they might ask you for more dialogs, or a way of customizing their dialogs. They might want to be able to e-mail their dialogs to their friends. :-)

    - Julian
    Julian Robichaux#
  5. Julian, you're on to something there… we do have the occasional 'delicate situation' where folks' desktop wallpapers/screensavers are a little, uh, contrary to business norms. But dang, if we skinned our Notes apps (individually configurable, to cater for all tastes, of course) to add a little, shall we say, appeal, well then, productivity would go waaaay up :-)

    We already have ProjectDX, how about ProjectDXXX? :-)Colin Pretorius#
  6. I think "skinned" is the key word there.Julian Robichaux#
  7. How rude :-) Ben Poole#

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