Well that sucked

Spent six hours on the road, mostly stationery, on a journey that should have taken 1.5 hours, tops. Why? Driving to see Robbie Williams at Knebworth House. Absolute cack organisation. Roads a joke. You'd think that by leaving at 3pm you'd get in for the start at 8.30 eh? Not so. We turned round at 9.15 and came back — as did hundreds of others, with reams more cars justing sitting in the "special lane" (yes, that's right, just one lane for a 125,000-strong gig) still, as we turned for home. There was no way we were going to get in, parked, and walk the half hour to the arena in time to see the gig, which finished at 10.30. What a farce.

And to cap it all, I can't scrape the "priority parking" sticker (hah!) off my windscreen.

Update: judging by posts in the forum on his site, quite a few people were disappointed tonight. And all because the organisers couldn't get the car parking sorted out. Ah, only in England…


  1. I just saw a news item about this traffic jam on SKY news, I was wondering why an international news channel was givin a blow-by-blow coverage of a traffic jam!

    Shee…6 hours in a traffic jam, now I know why they covered it!


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