Frankly, I'm surprised no-one in the "Notes blogsphere" has linked to this site before now:


  1. mmm…
    Maybe you should change the .org to .com. But then again, don't know if that will raise interest ;)Vince Schuurman#
  2. Quite right Vince ;-) Duly corrected!Ben Poole#
  3. Ben,

    Its not gone unnoticed I spent many a happy day working for IBM/Lotus in Brussels wiping my behind with toilet paper for a "Lotus Professional" dispenser. The irony was not lost on me then and the memory is constantly with me to this day.

    Coming soon to a wash room near you.john marshall#
  4. If you're going to post on my site, I expect you to have the courage in your convictions that you can give a name. If not, why should anyone take you seriously?

    Besides, is a site for a commerical entity: it ain't art ;-) Ben Poole#
  5. Mike Golding might disagree with you about that notestips comment ;-)

    On the Lotustips thing… well, "Lotus Royal"… what can I say? A work o fart perhaps?

    I wanna learn how to say '3-ply' in Norwegian.Colin Pretorius#
  6. That has to be a record. Two gremlins in one post / comments thread. Jeez.

    Or maybe a Freudian slip. Who knows?

    Anyway, Mike doesn't read this site Colin, didn't you know? :-D Ben Poole#
  7. BTW, I think it's tre ply ;-) Ben Poole#
  8. Erk, no I didn't… (trying to diplomatically backtrack and contain piqued curiosity)Colin Pretorius#
  9. Erm from Mikes catch up article today I would say that he does indeed read this site.Stephen Mitchell#
  10. Gosh, who'd have thought it?Ben Poole#

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