I hate the IBM website

Absolute cack. The IBM website contains a wealth of useful information. Unfortunately it's all buried beneath pointless circular re-directs, oblique references, stupid pop-up surveys (Them: "Hey! How are we doing?" Me: "Your site is crap" Them: "OK, let me ask you that again next time you come here…")

I've just been there looking for something pretty simple. But I cannot bloody find it. I downloaded the Java APIs for Websphere MQ a few weeks back. It took a while. And now I wish I'd kept the URL, 'cause I need some documentation, and using the "library" sections of developerWorks is starting to hurt.

Sorry, had to get this off of my chest. I've been whingeing about IBM's site for a while (occasionally here in asides). And nothing never seems to change. Maybe it's just me… Anyway, I'll keep you posted if I ever find anything. You're interested in Websphere MQ right? [smiley PokeTongue]

Additional rant: and why the hell do I have to fill in the same old "please tell us about yourself / your project" survey for every other download?!?! GOD ALMIGHTY!!! Ahem.


  1. Update: no javadoc. I guess I need to somehow get it from someone within the firm… we're a big outfit, so that could be fun. It would seem that you can have the javadoc if you have the original installation files (i.e. a CD or whatever) for MQ.

    Logic which makes no sense given that the JAR files for coding this stuff are freely available. Gah.Ben Poole#
  2. And another thing: can anyone else get this page to work? (discovered via Google). All I get is stack dumps from dodgy JSPs with each selection I make.

    I thought things were going quite well todayBen Poole#

  3. Ben,

    I have the documentation, send me a mail if you still need it.


    PS: About that 'lovely' IBM site, you should try downloading anything from IBM PartnerWorld: last click-count was at around 8 to get to a search screen (plus 2 login prompts).Nuno Pereira#
  4. Not to mention the need to log in 15 times to get to a tutorial or get a download. And the step following a loging is always the 'update your information' page….Andrew Tetlaw#
  5. You need to add random information each and every time. More than 100.000 users, less than 10. 97 years old, albanian grandmother with purchasing powers . 7 year old child with a PHD. Until they finally realize what data quality is.Volker Weber#
  6. oo am i going to rant or what!

    "the reason microsoft beats their pants off at "marketing" probably has a lot more to do with software interface than with actual marketing", he said as though everyone should be very surprised.

    ibm has a hard time figuring out that people want things that are simple to use. they keep thinking we want things that are enormously complex. someone seems to keep thinking that. i dunno.

    ibm is itself incredibly complex. i read an interview recently, one of the Big Time ibm execs, he was saying that Oracle looks in the mirror too much. i suppose its hard to look past the nose on your own face, no matter who you are.

    the only email or letter i have written in complaint about anything ever (and i really mean ever, that i can remember) was an email to ibm about their web site.

    since i still have a copy, here is what it said:

    "The new process to download from Lotus is really frustrating. I understand that IBM would like us to "have patience" while they merge everyone's accounts and so forth. But how much forethought would it have taken to just figure out that FIRST you should get the accounts/usernames/passwords straightened out and THEN you merge the download functionality. I thought the basic charge for everyone at IBM was to THINK. What marketing genius put this together? When will you guys figure out that customer interface is important? You are wasting my time and costing my company money. I am not happy, and I want you to know it. This will be the third or fourth time I have registered somewhere on the IBM site. It is completely unacceptable."

    i used to do some consulting for one of their divisions (i won't mention which one, lord knows i wouldn't want ben to get sued), and i was in on a lot of meetings when they were going through a couple of their internet iterations. they were trying to coordinate look and feel between many many divisions, with many groups inside those divisions. they laid out a spec, and everyone tried to follow it and still get their message across. i guess its tough when you have a company whose revenue is bigger than the revenue of many countries. at that time it seemed the customer focus stuff (the kind of thing you guys are talking about) was pretty much left up to the division, they were happy if everyone got the font right.

    i still have a hard time reading a lot of it. i wish they'd standardize on verdana for everything. who the heck can read helvetica on the web? i never could…jonvon#
  7. My thanks to Nuno for some docs! My thanks to all for contributing; Volker, your idea is brilliant ;-) Ben Poole#
  8. I've always been so afraid to comment on my frustrations with
    What 7 words make me cringe?
    NOT "We are being audited by the IRS."
    NOT "Next rest stop is 100 miles away"

    Sigh. The 7 words are:
    "We need to purchase something from IBM."

    I found it really funny that on Epromag, they had a fantastic article about Tivoli's Access Manager to reduce the amount of logins. So why is it that I need a gazillion username and passwords to do anything? I need a username and a password just to get a phone number to call the sales department and ask a question.

    Don't even get me started on purchasing. In one single web page, IBM tells me that their purchasing procedure is simple (after a new login, of course). The next sentence down tells me that there is a tutorial that will take about 45 minutes to learn how to purchase software from them.

    Jess Stratton#
  9. Ben [7], don't encourage Volker [5] - the next thing you know that flaky data *will* start influencing IBM's strategic decisions.

    Come to think of it…

    ;-)Colin Pretorius#
  10. Well,
    I am following Volker's advise for 2 years now.
    In addition whenever the nice Pop-Up appears (Help us to "improve" our website) I am telling them what I think of it.
    I think I a am doing at least 5 phone interviews with an IBM contracted Marketing company (mostly answering questions that my counterpart does not understand either).
    Nothing has helped so far. But taking a look at Colin's advise I might rethink at least my Download strategy.
    I must say that these comments made my day.
    Thank you and have a nice week
    HeiniHeini Schwammerl#
  11. Jess [8]: LOL! well, in my workgroup we've solved the whole purchasing dilemma. We just don't buy anything. Well, apart from that TextPad license I got last year for twenty quid…Ben Poole#
  12. Update re MQ docs:

    Nuno sent me a 1.2MB PDF entitled "Websphere MQ: Using Java" which is exactly the kind of thing I was after. Today, whilst Google-ing for something else to do with MQ, I stumbled across this link, which is very similar.

    It's called "MQ Series Using Java", and is in HTML format on the IBM site. I hope this is useful for someone out there (it covers version 5.1.2), and I wish IBM would take heed: Google knows more about your site than you do.

    MQ Series Using JavaBen Poole#

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