One week to go...

… And the birthday approaches. I think my wife is getting sick of my response to "so what do you want?" You'll get the idea here:




  1. gawd. that is just sick. there isn't anything about that computer i don't like. maybe if i had one i'd come up with something…

    good luck ben! ;-)jonvon#
  2. Heh, I wish. The Apple-lust is getting worse. Check these piccies out from the Expo in Paris: Poole#
  3. I got one! I got one!Joseph Pollone#
  4. Grrrr… :-D Ben Poole#
  5. I was lusting after this last night on the back of some mag. I'm not even a MAC fan (old Amiga one though). At over 3k$(US+tax) I think I'll settle on a cool remote control first then get the matching G5 after saving my pennies.

    eric tomenga#
  6. Ben,

    As far a prices [2] can you place an order from a vendor in the states? I think it might save you a few pounds. Also, I eventually decided on the 17" PowerBook. I thought about it and I am not really a sit-down-at-the-desk kind of guy!Joseph Pollone#

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