We're only human

Great discussion topic from Daniel Steinberg: Showing your faults:

It's nice to see a more experienced programmer get stuck - it helps remove the mystique. It unites us. It's not like kids applauding when someone drops and breaks a plate in the cafeteria - it's a sigh of relief to discover that other people have the same difficulties we do.

This is partly in response to James Gosling's recent post about debugging and it's great to see this stuff being discussed. We all have to start somewhere, and we all make stupid mistakes at some point, no matter how much experience we have. This is why I love a lot of the essays and opinion pieces that appear to discuss "the obvious." How To Be A Programmer is a good case in point: this writing is exemplary because we need to be reminded of the basic / obvious stuff every now and again.

But just so you know, whenever I make a coding mistake, it's to remove some of the mystique surrounding my awesome persona. Uh, yeah, that's it…


  1. How true is that!!

    In fact I know some people that *love* to say: "I don't make mistakes". fools!

    Ok, if we don't make mistakes, then we become machines or a sort of cyborgs, how knows! Until that is only flesh and blood who write code, and deppending on the daily humor, we make more or less mistakes. Or none :-).

    Anyways I repeat it too.

    I do miztaques, vecause I am onlee heuman.

    Dominocode.NetAlex Hernandez#

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