Ooof! :-)


  1. Does that mean it is your birthday, or have you finished tasting Baskin Robbins' thirty-one-derful flavors ? ;-)Jan-Piet Mens#
  2. Happy birthday Ben! Hope you're having a splendid day, with G5 or without :-)Colin Pretorius#
  3. Hap-P birthday BenedictEd Brill#
  4. Another old one to join us! Happy b-day, Ben!Thomas Duff#
  5. Happy Birthday Ben!!
    I hope someone plays happy birthday to you on your Chapman stick. :-)
    JessJess Stratton#
  6. Congrats on your day - 'tho a bit late in the day for you as I write this. I imagine that the other boys in the family band (your 2 young sons) were probably more excited than you about the birthday, if it meant CAKE!

    Cheers, Joe.

    Joe Litton#
  7. HBB (Happy Birthday Ben).

    - Julian

    p.s. -- I was going to make a comment about Jess' comment too, but I decided not to. In honor of your birthday… ;-)
    Julian Robichaux#
  8. Ben,

    Happy Birthday! (And sorry for being late).

    WolfgangWolfgang Flamme#
  9. You old git - that makes you pretty much exactly 2 months older than I!Steve Castledine#
  10. Only 31?


    Happy birthday bro!

    .::AleX::.Alex Hernandez#
  11. happy belated birthday old chap!ben lampard#
  12. Happy belated Benny! 8)Ed Falcon#
  13. Hee hee, thank you very much one and all.

    And no, no G5. I did get a toy though: a tiny wee digital video camera!Ben Poole#
  14. happy birthday benedict!

    well, now you can post lots of pictures to your blog and run your bandwidth bill right through the roof!

    hope you had a good one, i must have had my rss reader turned off yesterday?!? :Pjonvon#
  15. Yes, but to do that I really need a new machine, with Firewire. That way, I can rig up my new toy to the computer in order to blitz my bandwidth.

    I have to admit though, this is a somewhat specious argument as far as the boss is concerned ;-) Ben Poole#
  16. Ben,

    Happy VERY belated Birthday. From where I'm looking 31 is merely a pup.

    Firewire = DV Camera +iMovie + iDVD = home movies stored forever on DVD = shared memories = happy spouse

    Take care
    JustinJustin Knol#
  17. Somewhat belated: Happy birthday, Ben. So next year you will be turning 20h then. :-)Volker Weber#
  18. Belated Happy Birhtday.

    You have six more years until you're this prime again. Groan.

    Bob Congdon#
  19. Groan indeed! ;-) Thanks!Ben Poole#

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