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My God, I hate the IBM website with a passion. Do you? Right. Get this. We use MQ Series (now “Websphere MQ”) at work. We also use release 5.0.11 of Lotus Notes. When it comes to coding Java in Notes to connect to MQ, the two don’t work well together, unless you have a specific version of the package. Notes 5.0.11 uses the 1.1.8 JVM, and MQ typically uses Java 2. 1.3.1 or better. If you go to IBM today, they’ll give you MQ Java classes that work in Notes 6, no problem there. But if you have mixed environment as we do, you’re stuck. There are MQ Java classes that work with R5, but you won’t find them at IBM. After all, that would be useful eh?

So, here they are. And by God, they took me an age to track down (not on the internet either, I might add ;-)). Check out the downloads section of this document.

A related thread and some code is also linked-to in further reading.

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  1. Ben you're the best
    Thanx a lot.

    in case you haven't already figured this out. if you try to send document like messages to domino beware of the 64Kb limit. this is a problem of the domino C-api in combination of the stone-aged JVM of Domino 5.0.11Rolf#

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