The CVS book

I've been meaning to delve further into CVS for some time now, if only to synchronise my wee bits of Java between my work machines and also my Mac at home (OS X has CVS built-in). To this end, I've been reading about CVS here, there and everywhere. This resource, the free CVS book looks like a good bet! Via Tom Klaasen.

Update: Ed Wrenbeck has also set up a CVS server.


  1. I also recently blogged about the book "Essential CVS" by Jennifer Vesperman from O'Reilly Press. Feel free to check out my blog for more info on that book. Not free (at least YOUR copy won't be!), but perhaps a good additional resource for you.

    Thomas Duff#
  2. ;-) Sounds good Duffbert, I will check it out!Ben Poole#
  3. Don't forget the recently published CVS book by the Pragmatic Programmer folks! Coward#

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